re-imagine your potential as a citizen.

re-shape how government works for you.


Speak and be heard

TransformGOV changes the way that citizens connect and communicate with their government officials.

Many of us would like to have a louder voice in setting direction for government. We have good ideas around how to improve government services, how to effect positive social change through better policy and how to spend taxpayer money more effectively.

TransformGOV is a platform for developing good ideas. It empowers us through individual and shared voice to create powerful campaigns and insights that government listens to and acts upon.


“Transormative Technologies are changing society faster today than ever before. The reward is when the application is for greater good, not just for profit.”

Dave Dannenberg  | Founder


Technology for good

The TransformGOV app guides groups to consensus using patented dialectic synthesis, a method which clearly identifies important elements of a conversation and discards speculation and bias.

Powerful identity verification tools are employed to ensure that all participants are who they say they are. Additionally, innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning technologies guide groups to consensus in a safe and positive way with each input into the app weighted and filtered by three simple rules “Is it kind?”, “Is it true?” and “Is it useful?”.

The TransformGOV app is unbiased and free from ads and sponsors. It is not a social medial tool but is designed to create positive conversation between the public and their elected officials. Proposals that are created in the TransformGOV app are delivered to government stakeholders along with analytics that enable the official to quickly assess the veracity and influence of the constituents involved in the proposal.