Your Proposal Forward.

 Any individual or group can start a campaign using the TransformGOV app. You help to enroll others that are either like minded or have a stake in your proposal.


The TransformGov app organizes a group’s ideas around common truth and good. The app helps groups to reach consensus on subjects of importance in a safe way, avoiding strife and polarizing rhetoric which is today’s norm in public debate. The TransformGov app discourages the divisive discourse and fractionalization which makes current mainstream media ineffective as a tool for progress.

 Crystal Clear Decisions.

The TransformGOV app gives government officials the right information and motivation to make good decisions.

Even at the grassroots levels of government, lobbyists, oligarchs and entrenched staff members provide much of the input for new policy and direction. The TransformGov app provides clear direction to government officials by presenting precise metrics on how the public feels about an issue as well as how credible or influential the constituency is that is making the proposal.

Government officials benefit from making positive connections with the public and in understanding values that are clearly presented in the outcome of a campaign.


 The TransformGOV app creates a channel for government to respond with position, plan and actions. The app also enables government officials to establish a meaningful connection and a lasting communication channel with the active and concerned citizens that have participated in a campaign.